is a global solution for all money transactions

Paycore is easy-to-use service for business and private investors

Paycore is first of all the convenience of online payments, complying with the main message of cryptocurrencies - anonymity.

The availability of a single multicurrency Paycore account allows you to store and make settlements and payments to e-wallets, bank accounts, plastic cards of all possible services open for cooperation with any of the fiat and cryptocurrency pairs. Within our service, there is no need to create accounts on different services, as well as monitor the balance of each of them, our multicurrency account gives you the opportunity to work with several fiat / cryptocurrency accounts at once. Transfers within the system are free and make transactions with assets instant.

The growth of technology today makes inevitable a symbiosis of economics and technological innovations of which blockchain technology is. The key aspect of the Paycore platform is the absence of any internal or external manager able to prevent the correct operation of the system. Therefore, banks, tax, judicial and other public or private authorities cannot affect the transactions of any participants in the payment system. The adoption of blockchain technology as fundamental to the principles of economics is the present day. The rapid development of microfinance structures, the banking sector and the world economy in particular, could not pass round the blockchain technology. read more
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Using to full advantage


Easiness and transparency of blockchain capabilities in the infrastructure


100% anonymity, development of our platform on the blockchain system ensures the anonymity of financial transactions

Superior Security

Funds require advanced security and we know it. In our platform you can make available any types of verification.

No commission

Internal transfers are free, no commission, absolutely no commission.


The ability to withdraw funds directly to your bank card with a minimum commission

Transaction speed

Due to the speed of the blockchain network, operations are almost instant and do not require a long wait.


100% digital platform, unrelated to any official government and no control of any Central Bank.


We think about our customers, the platform presents a great variety of ready-made solutions for any scale of business, and the possibility of individual adjustments of the required services will make it comfortable and most suitable for you and your business.


The purchase of all additional services is possible only in our internal coin with the same name Paycore (if necessary, payment by Fiat converts automatically)

Payment System

The ability to integrate using our service of such payment systems as Mastercard, Visa and others will enable your business to become more attractive for new customers. Paycore undertakes all the difficulties associated with this, creating a gateway will be as easy as creating an account, and paying for services in local currency (Paycore coin) makes it possible to remain anonymous.

The most affordable way to convert Paycore соin in cash.

By sending funds to your card Paycore they immediately will be available for use, and comission will remain minimal.


You can use your card in any service, whether it is an online store or cafe, it is enough that they accept payment in visa.

Touch area

The touch area is any point on earth where is internet – we are international.

Progress line

We have extensive plans for future.

  • Idea of service creation
  • Team formation
  • Concept formation
  • Business model approval
  • Technical plan creation
  • Project development plan formation
  • Web site and project design development
  • Blockchain coding
  • Official website publish
  • Blockchain final tests
  • Support team building
  • Official Bitcoin Talk announcement
  • Whitepaper release
  • Other crypto sites announcements
  • Official Payсore blockchain launch
  • PayCore Blockexplorer launch
  • Marketing team building
  • Looking for project investors
  • Crypto statistics sites listings
  • Community growth campaigns
  • Project popularization
  • Listing on the 1st exchange
  • Social networks promo 1st campaign launch
  • Partnership with other projects
  • Shared Masternode services listings
  • Listing on the 2nd exchange
  • Web wallet release
  • Android and ios app release
  • Social networks promo 2nd campaign launch
  • Listing on coinmarketcap
  • Platform MVP internal testing
  • Platform MVP release
  • Paycore platform “bug report” bounty campaign
  • Listing on the 3rd exchange
  • Paycore presentation on the blockchain summit “Europe's Leading Blockchain Event” (London 2019)
  • Partnership with commercial services
  • Platform Beta internal testing
  • Platform Beta release
  • Paycore platform “bug report” bounty campaign
  • Integration with the fiat gateways
  • Presentations at the conference “The connection of the blockchain with the financial world”
  • Release of the PayCore platform
  • Start of PayCore cards production
  • …to be continued

PAYCORE COIN Specification

  • Coin name: Paycore
  • Ticker: PCR
  • Type: POS+MN
  • Algorithm (POW/POS): QUARK
  • Masternode Collateral: 1 500 PCR
  • Masternode reward: 75% rewards
  • Staking (POS) reward: 25% rewards
  • Block Time: 60 sec
  • Total supply: 5 000 000 PCR
  • Premine - 2%: 100 000 PCR
  • Maturity time: 6 hours
  • Stake minimum: 10% of MN collateral
  • POS req. minimum: 150 PCR
  • Minimum POS input: 10 PCR
  • Masternodes online:
  • Price:

Emission scheme

  • Block

    Block reward

    MN reward

  • 1 PCR 100 000 PCR premine
  • 2 - 500 PCR 1 POW
  • 501 - 15 000 PCR 1 0.75
  • 15 001 - 20 000 PCR 1.5 1.125
  • 20 001 - 30 000 PCR 2 1.5
  • 30 001 - 40000 PCR 2,5 1.875
  • 40 001 - 50 000 PCR 3,5 2.625
  • Masternode Collateral migration to 1500 PRC
  • 50 001 - 75 000 PCR 4 3
  • 75 001 - 90 000 PCR 4,5 3.375
  • 90 001 - 150 000 PCR 5,5 4.125
  • 150 001 - 200 000 PCR 5 3.75
  • 200 001 - 300 000 PCR 4 3
  • 300 001 - 500 000 PCR 3,5 2.625
  • 500 001 - 650 000 PCR 1,5 1.125
  • 650 000 - 1 000 000 PCR 0,5 0.003

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anyone who can help me if I have questions?

Yes! ... just contact us through our email support

High service fee?

Our tariffs are as low as possible and affordable to everyone, and the transfer of funds within the system is absolutely free.

Is Paycore a coin or a token ?

paycore is a coin created on an algorithm (to specify necessary) using POS, and not POW as the main way to achieve a distributed consensus. The main difference is the reliability and production format.

What is POS and POW ?

PoW and PoS are the types of algorithms by which the blockchain network determines how the consensus allocation problem will be solved.

Why POS ?

PoS it is primarily a method, an algorithm, a proof, which protects the system. It is most suitable for building our service.